DUI Defendants in PA More Likely to Keep Driver’s Licenses

Wikimedia Creative CommonsDUI is a big priority to many legislators and advocacy groups. It’s understandable, when understanding that many people have been hurt or killed by DUI drivers. Still, this does not mean that everyone accused of DUI should be automatically receive the harshest punishment possible. Everyone deserves a fair trial, DUI defendants as much as any other.

A Philadelphia newspaper states Pennsylvania DUI drivers are more likely to keep their licenses than they would be in many other states, even after repeated offenses.

The newspaper also mentioned Pennsylvania doesn’t force drivers to have interlock devices installed in the vehicles of first-offense DUI offenders, nor do drivers who fail sobriety tests face an automatic suspension of their licenses.

According to the newspaper, a court opinion rendered five years ago means drivers must be convicted of DUI for it to count as an offense, so multiple arrests can all be treated like the first arrest, so long as no convictions occur.

It is the newspaper’s contention many judges and prosecutors in the Philadelphia area are too lenient with repeat offenders.

The newspaper states thousands of people in Pennsylvania have gotten four or more convictions for drunken driving in the past two decades.

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