Alleged DUI Driver Hits Pennsylvania State Trooper

Rusty ClarkA DUI arrest does not mean the loss of all rights. In fact, those who are facing those charges need to make sure their rights are protected more than ever. Prosecutors are often eager to get another DUI conviction, and those who are thought to have been driving under the influence are rarely given the benefit of the doubt. An experienced DUI defense attorney is absolutely necessary for any defendant to ensure that any hearings or trial proceedings respect the rights of the accused.

A sport utility vehicle rammed into the back of a Pennsylvania state trooper’s cruiser on I-76.

While the trooper’s car was heavily damaged, the trooper inside did not suffer any serious injuries. The accident occurred around 2:30 in the morning.

The SUV hit the police cruiser, which then ran into a Mercury Marquis.

Police arrested the driver of the SUV for driving under the influence.

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