Dashboard Cameras Now Law

Because of a bill that has just been signed into law by New Jersey Governor Christie, police cars must have video dashboard cameras installed.

The law comes after Washington Township assemblyman, Paul Moriarty, was exonerated of all charges of drunken driving when police video presented in court showed the city official passing field sobriety tests that were issued to him. The officer who arrested Moriarty is currently facing charges of harassment after Moriarty was cleared of the charge.

Moriarty said in a news conference in Cherry Hill that the cameras will help to protect both police officers and average citizens. He also said that he hopes dashboard cameras in police cruisers will ensure that evidence and testimony given in court will be accurate.

A similar bill that requires all police officers to wear body cameras was introduced by state senator, Donald Norcross. Norcross said that the plan is definitely in place to implement the body cameras, and all that is left now is to narrow down the field of potential vendors of the devices.

Having the evidence on your side and showing the potential mistakes that police can make for a DUI arrest is important. Sometimes officers can and do make mistakes. Those mistakes can make all the difference in a conviction or having a charge of DUI being overturned.

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