Alleged DUI Driver Arrested After Eating Pot at Traffic Stop

warrantedarrestSome DUI cases may look like they’re obvious and easy to convict — and that may be the case. That doesn’t mean, however, that a good defense attorney isn’t necessary. Prosecutors often seek the maximum penalty or sometimes seek to make an example of a particular case, resulting in a punishment far greater than the crime should allow. An advocate in the defendant’s corner can mitigate the sentence.

Police in Harrington, Delaware say they’ve arrested a drunk driver who ate marijuana when he was stopped by the police.

According to media sources, an officer stopped a 40-year-old driver. A police officer noticed the smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle and noticed a plastic bag containing marijuana on the console.

The officer went back to his car to check his computer and get details on the driver’s license. When the officer returned to the suspect’s vehicle, he noticed the plastic bag was gone and the suspect was eating the marijuana. Officials say the suspect confessed to eating the drug.

The driver was released on $1,850 bail.

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