Month: September 2014

Alleged DUI Driver in Wreck on Canterbury Road

A man has been accused of driving under the influence when he ran a red light at an intersection, leaving five people hospitalized as a result of the crash.

Delaware State Police indicate that Michael Walker, 29, had been driving his 1998 Buick Century southbound on Canterbury Road, (also known as State Route 15) in Milford when he failed to stop at a red light. According to officials, Walker’s vehicle rammed into the passenger side of a 2008 Nissan Altima that was being driven by Danny Hudson, 45.   Hudson, and two passengers, women aged 23 and 45, needed to be extracted from their vehicle by emergency crews.

Walker and his 34-year-old passenger were also injured and suffered what are being described as non-life-threatening injuries. The accident victims were all treated at Milford Memorial Hospital.

State Police officials say that the accident is still currently under investigation, but they believe that Walker ran the red light while intoxicated.… Read More

Driver Suspected of DUI Crashes Into Police Car

Scott DavidsonCircumstances can really be stacked up against a driver accused of DUI. There are so many ways to be involved in an accident that have nothing to do with alcohol, yet that is often the first assumption.

Field sobriety tests can be wrong, breath tests can be wrong or wrongly administered, and even some blood tests are not completely reliable. The very best DUI defense attorneys will leave no avenue of evidence untouched, making sure his or her client is not punished unduly.

A Delaware man faces charges of drunk driving and vehicular assault.

According to reports, the Delaware man crashed into the rear of a Newcastle police car. The man and two officers were injured in the accident.

Such an accident is automatically suspect for a number of reasons. But even if alcohol was involved, should any driver be punished harshly for one mistake which would never happen again?… Read More