Month: June 2014

Concern over Drugged Drivers Increases

Bjorn Hansen via Wikimedia CommonsAddiction medicine specialists like Dr. Mary Abood, who conducts research at the Temple University School of Medicine, are concerned that the push to legalize medical marijuana is progressing faster than the availability of education on the substance.

“There is a perception that marijuana is safe and it’s not a drug,” says Dr. Abood. “Stoned is sort of a catatonic state. A state of less motor control, less brain control.”

“And the compound that gets people high is delta9-thc – tetrahydrocannabinol – there are other compounds in marijuana like cannabidiol that is one of the reasons people are pushing medical marijuana.” said Dr. Abood.

A study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explains where some of the concern shown by both medical professionals and law enforcement comes from. One in eight high school seniors have driven after smoking marijuana, the study claims. Whether or not it is directly related, the study also shows that nearly twenty-five percent of those killed in drugged driving accidents have been under twenty-five years old.… Read More

Man Faces 4th DUI & Carjacking Charges

DUI cases are not always cut and dried. There are people who will act erratically on the road, people who are affected by fatigue, mechanical errors, and more.  Pleading guilty to a DUI does not automatically mean that the full weight of the law will be used as a penalty.

Such is the case for Jason Kohler.  He was allegedly high on drugs and other substances when he crashed after running a stop sign.  He attempted to leave the scene in one of the most dramatic ways possible: carjacking the cars of those who tried to stop and help.

“The defendant got into the rear of (one) car, in the rear passenger seat, and using his finger as a gun put it to the back of the man’s head and told him to drive. The man actually started to drive for a distance and then realized the defendant only had a finger, at which point he stopped the car and got out. … Read More

A Hazardous Situation

Wikimedia Creative Commons LicenseAccording to police, Justin T. Hazzard drove into a mobile home early Friday morning.

The incident occurred on Seaford Road, slightly north of Oneals Road in Laurel at about one o’clock in the morning. The vehicle left the road for reasons unknown and plowed into a mobile home that was, fortunately, unoccupied at the time.

Mr. Hazzard was uninjured in the incident, though both the vehicle and the mobile home sustained severe damage. After a brief investigation Justin Hazzard was issued citations for Driving under the Influence of Alcohol, Driving While Suspended, and Failure to Remain within a Single Lane and was then released from custody.

The Law Offices of Steven Kellis possesses the skills to handle such situations. Specializing in DUI defense, the offices of Steven Kellis have extensive amounts of experience to bring to bear on your behalf, they are here to help.

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Van Crashes into Pedestrian, Kills Him

download (50)No one should ever lose sight of the fact that an accident means no one purposely caused harm. It was a mistake on someone’s part, and to make mistakes is human. Mistakes that involve driving under the influence are treated particularly harshly, but no one should have to suffer unduly for a mistake, especially if it’s the first time. A good attorney is very important to protect the rights of everyone involved.

According to police, a driver who had been drinking struck and killed a man in Philadelphia.

He was traveling around the intersection of 8th Street and Girard Avenue at about 2 in the afternoon, when he crashed his van into a 54-year-old man, killing him instantly, investigators said.

The victim was working in the area at the time, helping a coworker back a vehicle out into the street when he was struck, according to investigators.

Authorities arrested the driver.… Read More

Victim of DUI Wants to Forgive the Driver Who Injured Her

Commons.Wikimedia.orgKyla Possinger had no reason to do what she did.  The accident is something that she is reminded of on a daily basis.  Aches, pains, rehabilitation, creams, salves, and more haunt each day of Possinger’s life, something which she’s most likely going to have to get used to.  And yet, she still did the unthinkable.

She forgave James Duggan.

James Duggan left his neighborhood bar, drunk, and rammed right into Possinger’s bike.  The nurses at the hospital say that it was a wonder that Possinger didn’t die that day.  But she didn’t.  She broke every bone in her body, and yet she came back.

It was Duggan’s 10th DUI.  He was released on bail from the 9th, and was driving around.  In our rough and tumble lives, hearing about forgiveness warms the heart  Duggan apologized to Kyla, and Possinger comforted the Duggan family.

“I think it’s an easy choice. … Read More

A Forgiving Soul Comforts Family

stockmonkeys.comKyla Possinger is a unique and forgiving soul. July 11th of last year she was struck by a drunk James Duggan as he pulled out of a bar parking lot. She was thrown from her motorcycle, over his vehicle and landed flat on her back, breaking nearly every bone that could be broken. Medical professionals agree that she survived at all is a miracle.

What is truly shocking though is that despite the pain she suffers daily as a result of the incident, she forgives Mr. Duggan, going so far as to comfort his family after the sentencing phase of his trial that just completed.

“You have to forgive people. Regardless. Because I know the intent was not, by any means, to pull out and hit me. I know he did not mean to do that, but accidents do happen,” said Ms. Possinger.

While slips in judgment do occur, not everyone is the forgiving sort and the law certainly isn’t.… Read More

DUI Murder Victim’s Family Sues Bars, Suspect

download (49)In the eyes of the law, and often in the eyes of society, the introduction of alcohol into any tragic event makes it all the worse. Even something as mild as a fender bender can become a reputation destroying event if one of the parties is even suspected of having had a few drinks before the accident occurred. This is one of many reasons that finding a good defense attorney as quickly as possible is so important. It not only can protect you from too harsh a penalty, but it may help salvage a reputation, as well.

A Westmoreland County man about to go on trial for strangling his wife, a school teacher, is now going to face a lawsuit as well. The family of his deceased wife is suing him as well as the bars that supposedly served him alcohol.

According to the family, it is an example of negligence to serve someone alcohol when they are already clearly drunk.… Read More

Suspect Rams Car into Mobile Home

download (48)An accident caused by driving under the influence is a traumatic affair, and not just for the victim. No one wants to crash their car. No one wants to be arrested for anything, let alone driving drunk. Yet, everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes that mistake is getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking a little too much. When an arrest is the result, it should not mean automatic jail time, heavy fines, and a reputation that’s ruined forever.

A Delaware man was under the influence when he lost control of his car and ran it right into a mobile home, according to police.

It happened around 1 in the morning. Investigators say the car left the road for unknown reasons and crashed into a mobile home. No one was inside the structure at the time of the accident.

The driver was uninjured. After troopers completed a DUI investigation, they arrested him.… Read More

Motorcycle Injuries in Philadelphia

download (47)All it takes is a moment to change a life forever. An accident is often one of those moments, especially when there are injuries and the possibility of jail time. But an accident is just that — an accident that no one every meant to happen, even if there is drinking involved. It’s not difficult for someone to think he or she is not too drunk to operate a vehicle, especially if there hasn’t been a lot of drinking going on.

Two people were hospitalized after a motorcycle rider hit them on a street in Philadelphia. The rider is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol.

The victims were a 29-year-old woman and a 32-year-old man. While both were injured, none of their injuries were considered life-threatening, according to Philadelphia police. The 60-year-old motorcycle rider hit the two as they were crossing the street.

Both victims were taken quickly to the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania, where they were judged to be in stable condition.… Read More

Man Pleads Guilty to DUI Related Charges

Tar Sands BlockadeJason Kohler, 42,  of Philadelphia, pleaded guilty to his fourth DUI and related charges in connection to a 2013 incident.

During the incident Mr. Kohler is believed to have been under the influence of illicit drugs as well as alcohol when he ran a stop sign and crashed into another vehicle. He then attempted to flee the scene by climbing into the rear of a car driven by a concerned citizen who stopped to help. Kohler then pretended his finger was a gun and attempted to highjack the vehicle. When the driver discovered the ruse they stopped the vehicle and with the assistance of another person held Kohler until police arrived. Sentencing will occur in September.

While every lapse in judgment involving alcohol isn’t as serious as the Kohler case, a DUI can have long lasting and unforeseen consequences. The Law Offices of Steven Kellis are experts in DUI Law.

Steven Kellis brings twenty plus years of jury trial expertise to bear on your behalf.… Read More