Man Faces 4th DUI & Carjacking Charges

DUI cases are not always cut and dried. There are people who will act erratically on the road, people who are affected by fatigue, mechanical errors, and more.  Pleading guilty to a DUI does not automatically mean that the full weight of the law will be used as a penalty.

Such is the case for Jason Kohler.  He was allegedly high on drugs and other substances when he crashed after running a stop sign.  He attempted to leave the scene in one of the most dramatic ways possible: carjacking the cars of those who tried to stop and help.

“The defendant got into the rear of (one) car, in the rear passenger seat, and using his finger as a gun put it to the back of the man’s head and told him to drive. The man actually started to drive for a distance and then realized the defendant only had a finger, at which point he stopped the car and got out.  And, with the assistance of other persons, they were able to put the defendant from the car and hold him until police arrived.”  This is from the Philadelphia’s assistant district attorney Mark Gilson.

There might be other issues at play that might not be highlighted by the media.  Kohler’s attorney says that Kohler has had a problem with addiction, but he’s a fine upstanding member of the community.   With the right defense attorney on your side, there is the possibility of reducing the sentence.

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