DUI Murder Victim’s Family Sues Bars, Suspect

download (49)In the eyes of the law, and often in the eyes of society, the introduction of alcohol into any tragic event makes it all the worse. Even something as mild as a fender bender can become a reputation destroying event if one of the parties is even suspected of having had a few drinks before the accident occurred. This is one of many reasons that finding a good defense attorney as quickly as possible is so important. It not only can protect you from too harsh a penalty, but it may help salvage a reputation, as well.

A Westmoreland County man about to go on trial for strangling his wife, a school teacher, is now going to face a lawsuit as well. The family of his deceased wife is suing him as well as the bars that supposedly served him alcohol.

According to the family, it is an example of negligence to serve someone alcohol when they are already clearly drunk.

The husband told his story when he was being charged in his preliminary hearing in 2012. While he claimed he missed his wife, investigators say he strangled his wife during a violent arghment in their home in Hempfield Township. Her body was found days later in the woods of Unity Township in Westmoreland County.

Her family claims the bars the husband visited before the argument bear some responsibility. According to their lawsuit, when the couple argued, the husband went to one bar, came back and argued again, then went to another bar before coming home and murdering his wife. The family claims the husband had a history of drunken violence.

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