A Forgiving Soul Comforts Family

stockmonkeys.comKyla Possinger is a unique and forgiving soul. July 11th of last year she was struck by a drunk James Duggan as he pulled out of a bar parking lot. She was thrown from her motorcycle, over his vehicle and landed flat on her back, breaking nearly every bone that could be broken. Medical professionals agree that she survived at all is a miracle.

What is truly shocking though is that despite the pain she suffers daily as a result of the incident, she forgives Mr. Duggan, going so far as to comfort his family after the sentencing phase of his trial that just completed.

“You have to forgive people. Regardless. Because I know the intent was not, by any means, to pull out and hit me. I know he did not mean to do that, but accidents do happen,” said Ms. Possinger.

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