Concern over Drugged Drivers Increases

Bjorn Hansen via Wikimedia CommonsAddiction medicine specialists like Dr. Mary Abood, who conducts research at the Temple University School of Medicine, are concerned that the push to legalize medical marijuana is progressing faster than the availability of education on the substance.

“There is a perception that marijuana is safe and it’s not a drug,” says Dr. Abood. “Stoned is sort of a catatonic state. A state of less motor control, less brain control.”

“And the compound that gets people high is delta9-thc – tetrahydrocannabinol – there are other compounds in marijuana like cannabidiol that is one of the reasons people are pushing medical marijuana.” said Dr. Abood.

A study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explains where some of the concern shown by both medical professionals and law enforcement comes from. One in eight high school seniors have driven after smoking marijuana, the study claims. Whether or not it is directly related, the study also shows that nearly twenty-five percent of those killed in drugged driving accidents have been under twenty-five years old.

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