Van Crashes into Pedestrian, Kills Him

download (50)No one should ever lose sight of the fact that an accident means no one purposely caused harm. It was a mistake on someone’s part, and to make mistakes is human. Mistakes that involve driving under the influence are treated particularly harshly, but no one should have to suffer unduly for a mistake, especially if it’s the first time. A good attorney is very important to protect the rights of everyone involved.

According to police, a driver who had been drinking struck and killed a man in Philadelphia.

He was traveling around the intersection of 8th Street and Girard Avenue at about 2 in the afternoon, when he crashed his van into a 54-year-old man, killing him instantly, investigators said.

The victim was working in the area at the time, helping a coworker back a vehicle out into the street when he was struck, according to investigators.

Authorities arrested the driver.

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