Victim of DUI Wants to Forgive the Driver Who Injured Her

Kyla Possinger had no reason to do what she did.  The accident is something that she is reminded of on a daily basis.  Aches, pains, rehabilitation, creams, salves, and more haunt each day of Possinger’s life, something which she’s most likely going to have to get used to.  And yet, she still did the unthinkable.

She forgave James Duggan.

James Duggan left his neighborhood bar, drunk, and rammed right into Possinger’s bike.  The nurses at the hospital say that it was a wonder that Possinger didn’t die that day.  But she didn’t.  She broke every bone in her body, and yet she came back.

It was Duggan’s 10th DUI.  He was released on bail from the 9th, and was driving around.  In our rough and tumble lives, hearing about forgiveness warms the heart  Duggan apologized to Kyla, and Possinger comforted the Duggan family.

“I think it’s an easy choice.  When you are upset or angry about things, you aren’t well.  It’s okay.  I’m fine.  I’m going to be okay.  I think I’m gonna be okay.”  Kyla Possinger is a Crossfit athlete, and she will soon be entering competitions.

We have a lot to learn from Possinger.  She proves to be a shining light to the rest of us who aren’t so quick to forgive.  The outcome could have been much worse in her motorcycle accident.  We hope that she undergoes a fast recovery and that the screws and pins inside of her body cooperate with her during the winter months.

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