Month: January 2014

Young Man Charged with DUI 2 Days after Graduation

Hajime NagahataA young Pennsylvania man has been charged with vehicular homicide while driving drunk. It happened just two days after his high school graduation. The accident resulted in the death of a female college student.

The suspected drunk driver, Ethan Kenney, 19, faces a preliminary hearing Friday on 13 total counts stemming after an accident that killed 19-year-old Catherine Healy. Healy was attending Penn State-Behrend and was the only passenger when Kenney’s pickup crashed about 4:00 a.m. in June 9th.

Samuel Davis, Kenney’s attorney, called the crash “a terrible tragedy” and Healy’s death the most significant part of the case. Still, he’s hoping the charge of vehicular homicide while driving drunk can be dismissed because it carries a mandatory 3 – 6 year prison sentence.

At the Law Offices of Steven E. Kellis, we specialize in defending those who are accused of underage or DUI drinking.  If you or someone you love faces a DUI or an underage drinking charge, depending on the circumstances surrounding an underage drinking charge, it is possible to have charges dropped or even dismissed.… Read More

Philadelphia Police Arrest 42 Drivers for DUI in 3 Days

police-lightsAs a reminder to the public about the high rate of drivers who are charged with DUI in the city of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Police Department regularly posts the number of DUI arrests made by Philadelphia officers. For instance, during the weekend that ran from Friday, January 10 through Sunday, January 12, Philadelphia police officers arrested 42 individual drivers on DUI charges. This high rate of DUI arrests indicates that many people in the Philadelphia area either are facing DUI charges or have faced such charges in the past. Unfortunately, the repercussions of a DUI charge, if it results in a conviction, can be quite severe for even a first-time offender.

Factors That May Lead to a Pennsylvania DUI Arrest

Police officers, including those of the Philadelphia Police Department, are trained to observe motorists who may be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Some common reasons that police officers suspect a driver of being drunk include the following:

  • Crossing the center line or swerving across a road or street
  • Following another vehicle too closely
  • Ignoring traffic lights, signals, and stop signs
  • Speeding or driving too slowly
  • Almost or actually striking another vehicle or object

All of these examples may be traffic violations that give a police officer good cause to pull a driver over.… Read More

School Bus Driver Sentenced with DUI Charge

gumuzA school bus driver from Burlington County has been sentenced after she drove drunk while school children were on board.  Carole Crockett of Shamong will now serve three years in state prison.

According to investigators connected with the case, Crockett’s blood alcohol level at the time of her arrest was three times that of the legal limit of .08.

Crockett pleaded guilty to driving drunk with Westampton Township Middle school students on board back in 2011.

After Crockett completes her prison term, her license will remain suspended for a period of seven months.

An experienced DUI lawyer will take every step necessary in order to defend clients against the DUI or DUI-related charges that have been filed by the prosecution. For instance, a skilled DUI defense attorney often will file pretrial motions to suppress evidence. Motions to suppress may be based on mistakes and inaccuracies in the gathering of evidence by officers.… Read More

Buffalo Driver Caught with a DUI

I woke up todayA Buffalo driver was arrested and charged with DUI and possession of a controlled substance in a traffic stop.

According to Niagara County sheriff’s deputies, at approximately 2:20 a.m. Thursday a female driver was observed swerving in and out of the eastbound and westbound lanes on Niagara Falls Boulevard near Sy Road.

Police stopped and arrested Lori A. Poulos, 45, of 98th Street, and charged her with criminal possession of the controlled substance of Hydrocodone when eight white pills fell out of her shirt. The woman admitted to deputies that she did not have a prescription for the narcotic painkiller.

The woman was charged with unsafe lane change and also with DUI when she refused to take a breath test. An additional charge of drinking alcohol in a motor vehicle was given when law enforcement officers found a beer bottle stashed in a boot inside the vehicle.

When facing the charge of DUI / DWI, it’s a serious charge that is unique to each individual case.… Read More

Off-Duty Officer Hit in DUI Accident

(credit: Jenn Bernstein)An off duty police officer has been injured by a suspected DUI driver early Tuesday morning. According to Philadelphia Police, the crash happened at about 2:00 a.m. at 57th Street and Haverford Avenue in West Philadelphia when a driver ran a red light at the intersection and hit an SUV owned by the officer.

A neighbor who lives in the house at the corner of the intersection was startled awake when it happened. Another resident who witnessed the crash, Joseph Carrington, told reporters that he heard the accident just outside of his home. Carrington also said that he witnessed four young men fleeing the scene of the crash. Carrington said that he immediately called 911.

Two of the men were apprehended by police and were taken to University of Pennsylvania Hospital. Investigators say that a third man showed up at the hospital, stating that he also had been involved in the accident while the fourth person remains at large.… Read More

NJ Altering Breathalyzer Laws

Oregon DOTNew Jersey roadways will now be a safer place to drive because of a recent push for requiring that Breathalyzer-style ignition locks be installed on vehicles of drivers who are arrested for DUI after their first offense.

As in Pennsylvania, New Jersey state law has provisions for the installation of ignition locks being placed in the vehicles of those who are convicted of repeated incidents of drunken driving. Some legislators hope that by expanding the use of ignition locks to include those who are convicted of first-time DUI offenses can potentially save more lives.

Drivers are charged approximately $1,000 to install the device on their vehicles. The ignition requires that the driver blow into a tube that determines their sobriety before the car will start.

According to statistics provided by the Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the device is making a difference. The CDC data indicates as much as a 73% decrease in drivers being re-arrested after the instillation of the ignition locks.… Read More

Long Island Man Arrested for Hit and Run DUI

World Island

A Long Island man has been arrested on charges of the hit and run of a pedestrian while driving under the influence on Saturday.

According to police, Alexander Thomas, 48, of Brooklyn was walking across New York Avenue in Huntington Station at about 4:00 a.m. when he was struck by a 1997 Nissan Sentra.

The driver, Christian Pivaral, 21, of Huntington Station, fled the scene of the accident but was apprehended a short time later on New York Avenue.

Thomas was transported to Huntington Hospital where he is listed as having serious injuries.

Pivaral is charged with Leaving the Scene of an Incident Without Reporting Involving Serious Physical Injury and Driving While Intoxicated.

When someone drinks and drives, it is a criminal offense. A conviction of a DUI offense can have serious consequences in terms of not only insurance costs, heavy fines and jail time. A DUI conviction can also cost your job and can close other opportunities to you for future employment.… Read More

Pickup Hits Home in Delaware Township

ZombieiteA driver from Western Pennsylvania faces the charge of DUI after he crashed his pickup truck into a house early Saturday. According to State Police, James Joseph Ford III, of Mercer, was driving on District Road in Delaware Township when he went through an intersection on State Route 58.

Mercer first struck a parked trailer with his vehicle and then a home on Mercer Road, causing extensive damage to the house. Mercer was arrested on the charge of driving under the influence of alcohol.

There is no doubt that when you drink and drive, it is considered a serious criminal offense. Being convicted of DUI a DUI charge can have many serious consequences attached to it. You will not only pay higher insurance costs, a DUI driver faces heavy fines and jail time as well. Sometimes a DUI conviction can even mean the loss of your job.

This is why it is important that you have the right attorney defending you.… Read More

David Cassidy Caught with DUI Again

Former teenage heartthrob and television star, David Cassidy, has been picked up again on another charge of drunken driving in Los Angeles on Friday. Cassidy, 63, was pulled over by police when they saw him make an illegal right turn after just exiting off of the 405 Freeway.

When an officer approached Cassidy’s vehicle, he smelled alcohol. The police officer administered a field sobriety tests to Cassidy, which he failed. Officers administered a breath test and Cassidy was recorded to have a .19 BAC, more than twice the legal limit.

Cassidy was arrested for drunken driving, but was released a few hours later. This is a repeat offense for the celebrity. Last year, Cassidy was arrested in New York for DUI and also in Florida for DUI in 2010. Since his latest conviction, Cassidy was placed on probation. With this latest offense that Cassidy will likely face jail time.

No matter who you are or where you are, drinking and driving is a dangerous proposition and considered a serious crime.… Read More

DUI Suspect Leads Police Up a Tree

Gabor KovacsA DUI driver has been arrested after hiding 30 feet up a tree Friday on Interstate 290. Before law enforcement could apprehend him, he informed officers that he was in the tree because he was an owl. Troy A. Prockett, 37, of Hudson, MA had to be taken down by area firefighters in a bucket truck so that police could place him under arrest Prockett was arraigned Monday on a number of charges including his third offense for drunken driving.

According to a police reports about the incident, State Trooper Michael J. McCammon was driving on I-290 west at about 7:00 p.m. when he witnessed a white Nissan Maxima spinning out of control between the first two travel lanes. Trooper McCammon reported that after the Maxima hit a snowbank near the breakdown lane, it first came to a stop between the first and second lanes of the roadway causing other motorists to brake suddenly in an effort to avoid a collision.… Read More