Buffalo Driver Caught with a DUI

I woke up todayA Buffalo driver was arrested and charged with DUI and possession of a controlled substance in a traffic stop.

According to Niagara County sheriff’s deputies, at approximately 2:20 a.m. Thursday a female driver was observed swerving in and out of the eastbound and westbound lanes on Niagara Falls Boulevard near Sy Road.

Police stopped and arrested Lori A. Poulos, 45, of 98th Street, and charged her with criminal possession of the controlled substance of Hydrocodone when eight white pills fell out of her shirt. The woman admitted to deputies that she did not have a prescription for the narcotic painkiller.

The woman was charged with unsafe lane change and also with DUI when she refused to take a breath test. An additional charge of drinking alcohol in a motor vehicle was given when law enforcement officers found a beer bottle stashed in a boot inside the vehicle.

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