NJ Altering Breathalyzer Laws

Oregon DOTNew Jersey roadways will now be a safer place to drive because of a recent push for requiring that Breathalyzer-style ignition locks be installed on vehicles of drivers who are arrested for DUI after their first offense.

As in Pennsylvania, New Jersey state law has provisions for the installation of ignition locks being placed in the vehicles of those who are convicted of repeated incidents of drunken driving. Some legislators hope that by expanding the use of ignition locks to include those who are convicted of first-time DUI offenses can potentially save more lives.

Drivers are charged approximately $1,000 to install the device on their vehicles. The ignition requires that the driver blow into a tube that determines their sobriety before the car will start.

According to statistics provided by the Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the device is making a difference. The CDC data indicates as much as a 73% decrease in drivers being re-arrested after the instillation of the ignition locks. One insurance industry study contends that the locks led to a 30% drop in the number of highway fatalities related to drunken driving.

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