Wrestler Suspended after DUI Charges

Credit: MaryaA man who is a two-time NCAA wrestling champion has been suspended from Penn State’s team because allegations of drunken driving. According to investigators, Ed Ruth, 23, had a blood-alcohol content was more than three times the legal limit when his vehicle struck a tree while he was trying to park it along the street on November 13th.

Spokesman for Penn State University, Pat Donghia confirmed that Ruth has been suspended from the team since November 19th as a result of the DUI charges against him.

Ruth will not be allowed to return to the University’s wrestling team lineup until December 15th or later.

Anytime there is a charge of DUI or driving under the influence, it can have a serious and often detrimental effect on the life of that person. The ability to afford to finish college, gain employment can be adversely affected by a drunken driving charge.

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