Worries over Some Accidents

Along the Delaware Riverfront, public safety officials gathered to discuss their summer DUI enforcement program. A multi-agency task force will be conducting sobriety checks at random locations and on random days throughout the Philadelphia area. Officers from the Philadelphia Police Department warn that not just people driving cars will be subject to sobriety checkpoints; but anyone piloting a boat or riding a bicycle may also be stopped for a sobriety check. The Philadelphia Police Department will be sending out the DUI enforcement truck, a giant motor home sized truck, to some of the random checkpoints and warn citizens to drive safely.

“So if you see our truck and you see our men and women, drive safely through it, and if you are impaired you’ll be arrested and taken downtown.”

With increased numbers of police checkpoints and summer traffic this season, accidents will happen. If you are accused of operating under the influence, chances are you will need an attorney just so you don’t get lost in the shuffle during this very busy season. The Law Offices of Steven Kellis are experts in DUI Law. Steven Kellis brings twenty plus years of jury trial expertise to bare on your behalf. With his extensive background in Pennsylvania law and the inner workings of the District Attorney’s Office, he knows how to find the mistakes and errors made by law enforcement that make all the difference between conviction and acquittal. If you have been arrested for DUI, contact us online or by phone for your consultation.