Woman Arrested for DUI with 3-Legged Dog in Car

russteachesThere’s no doubt that drinking while driving is a dangerous practice. Everyone can agree on that. But there are so many circumstances that can be behind a DUI charge that prosecuting should rarely be easy. Too many people are arrested when they are not actually drunk, or after making an honest mistake. Often, the police collect evidence in the wrong manner. Whatever the case, most DUI cases are at least somewhat defensible — if the right lawyer is on hand.

A woman got a second DUI offense when she crashed her car in an Upper Derby parking lot, with her three-legged dog in the back of the vehicle.

Police believe the 49-year-old woman had consumed at least two pints of whiskey before the crash occurred. Officers investigated the parking lot of a store after reports of a crash. They found the woman holding to the back of a pickup truck, according to the Upper Darby police superintendant.

The vehicle was stuck on the grass median and her dog was in the back, said police.

According to police, a two empty pints of Canadian whiskey were found in her car. She failed a field sobriety test and was taken to the station. Police say her primary worry was for the state of her dog.

A two-truck driver took the dog to a veterinary hospital, the superintendant said. The woman has since retrieved her dog.

The woman was previously arrested several months earlier for a DUI and was currently driving on a license that was suspended because she did not pay her insurance fees.

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