Wisconsin Man Convicted of 12th DUI

download (6)Sometimes,those who choose to drink and drive don’t see the error of their ways until they have several drunken driving convictions. That seems to be the case for Daniel Frisch, 53, from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. He is now behind bars at the Fox Lake Correctional Institution.

Frisch underwent court mandated alcohol assessments and treatments. Even with all of this, he was not given medication to help him stop drinking or required to have an alcohol interlock on any of his vehicles. Now after his 12th DUI conviction, he was sentenced to 7 years in prison. He is halfway through that sentence and Daniel Frisch is counting the days until he is a free man. He doesn’t really want to stop drinking, but he knows that he has to. He won’t be getting his license back until three years after his release.

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