When a teen has been arrested for a DUI but hasn’t gone to court yet, would they be expected to wear a tracking device?

No, because they haven’t been found guilty of anything yet.  I mean it’s possible that they could be given the electronic monitor at the intake if there were other issues involved.  For example, when I was an intake officer once, I had a case like this and the parents said oh, we can’t control the kid and he leaves when he wants to and we’re afraid he’s going to do it again before the hearing comes up.

Well we did put him on the cuff, you know, and wouldn’t let him do that sort of thing, but we wouldn’t ordinarily do that unless there were other circumstances out there.  And let me say this, not every child would get a consent decree.  It would be based on a lot of things.  I mean his parents would have to say he is not a problem at home.  He would have to have no record and all those other factors that we would look at have to be positive before we’d grant that.