What Caused the Car to Fail?

download (27)What caused a man to flip his car on Juanita Street in Bridesburg recently? The police say it was DUI, but news stories frequently report only what the police tell them. It can be difficult to get the driver’s side of the story if they have been arrested or taken to the hospital for injuries.

In this case, the driver is said to have lost control around 1:30 AM. While it is possible he could have wrecked because of alcohol, tiredness and darkness are two other things that must be taken into account. The car was also apparently out of control and flipped after hitting a parked car. Could it have been mechanical failure?

These are all questions that a defense attorney will want answers to before accepting a charge of DUI. Many police officers are quick to rush to judgment after a major crash. One could argue that they are just performing due diligence, but even a charge of DUI that doesn’t end up in a conviction can hamper the life of someone, especially if they are in a public position.

That’s why it’s so important for people who are charged with DUI to get competent legal assistance right away, like Stephen Kellis. If you’ve been arrested in the state of Pennsylvania on DUI, call our offices immediately for a free consultation.