What are the costs involved with underage DUI if a teen receives a consent decree?

That would depend, you know, if the family wants to hire a private attorney, obviously it can be very expensive, but that would be something that would be up to them.  They’d be required to pay a court cost fee of $135.00.  They’d have to surrender their driver’s license, which would to go PennDOT and there isn’t any other fee that they would have to pay unless there was restitution involved with the incident.

Let’s say they ran into their neighbor’s fence and it cost $100.00 to repair it, then they would have to pay that cost, but they would be the only costs involved.  Now the judge, you know, depending on who that might be, could add some other stipulations about going to special drug awareness classes for example or anger management classes or something like that if the child had issues.