Watch Yourself When Out on Bail

download (66)If you are out on bail for another charge, you should absolutely be on your best behavior and work with a lawyer on your defense. Getting arrested for any other charge while out on bail is a sure way to get stuck back into jail and getting your bail revoked. The woman in today’s story is experiencing this first hand.

According to the report, she was awaiting trial on a DUI manslaughter case from two years ago. This week she crashed her car in Upper Darby. The report points out that she was high on heroin and prescription drugs at the time of the crash.

She initially told police that she got distracted and crashed, but later confessed to having taken the drugs. She is now in Delaware County Prison in lieu of $250,000 bail.

Stacking cases up like this just gives the prosecution more ammo to send someone to prison for a long time. It also makes things much harder for the defense. If you are awaiting trial, stay on the right side of the law and talk about your case with a lawyer like the skilled DUI attorneys at Stephen Kellis. With decades of experience, Stephen Kellis will fight hard for you to reduce or dismiss the charge of DUI. Call today for a free consultation.