Watch for DUI Drivers this Holiday Season

download (34)Once again this holiday season we are seeing an increase in the number of DUI cases. The holidays are a time when people drink more alcohol. The more people who drink, the higher the chance of a DUI arrest. Along with those, sadly, we are seeing a lot of fatal crashes as well in the news.

Another one has happened in Monroeville. A man has plead guilty to causing a fatal crash and has been sentenced to 5 to 10 years in prison. The crash happened between two vehicles in the early morning hours. Among the charges include homicide by vehicle while DUI and driving on a suspended license. The DA said that the plea was general and sentencing was left up to the judge.

Again, we want to stress safety this holiday season. If you are out on the roads, please don’t drink and drive. Be more observant than usual, and obey all traffic laws. The police are out in force looking for any sign that someone might be drunk.

It’s quite likely that some of those people may get falsely accused of DUI. If you’ve been arrested for this charge or another DUI-related charge, you will need expert advice on your side if you hope to prevail in the courtroom. Stephen Kellis can give you that expert advice. Call our offices today for a free consultation.