University Works with Drinking Establishments to Reduce Public Drunkenness

David PursehouseLast year, as part of an effort to reduce drinking and keep locals and property safe during the heavy-drinking weekend, downtown State College taverns agreed to not serve alcohol in exchange for $5,000 paid to each establishment. The agreement is part of a partnership with the university and local officials called Campus and Community United Against Dangerous Drinking.

Monies paid to establishments that agree not to serve alcohol over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend are intended to offset lost revenue that restaurants normally would have received by serving alcohol. St. Patrick’s Day 2013 in State College saw 30 local restaurants participating in the program. The Coalition is asking for the community to participate again for St. Patrick’s Day 2014.

Holidays celebrations often turn into events where alcohol is consumed as part of the festivities. Even though most people that imbibe alcohol during the holiday, there will always be those who overindulge. It’s never wise to drink while under the influence of alcohol and yet incidents of drinking and driving or DUI also tends to increase over a holiday.

Driving under the influence is considered a crime in the state of Pennsylvania and if you are caught, it is more than likely you will be facing an arrested for DUI. Some people believe that once you have been arrested and charged with drunken driving, you must enter a guilty plea.

This is not the case. Depending on how law enforcement officers handle an arrest, you could offer a legal challenge to a DUI charge. Sometimes mistakes are made by police, and those mistakes can mean all the difference in whether a DUI charge sticks or whether it is reduced or even dismissed.

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