Underage Fraternity Drinking Causes Death

Credit: Ed KohlerOne of the best ways to cut down on DUI accidents is to stop underage drinking. Unfortunately, college is a place where a lot of teens get free access to alcohol, but it’s’ still the responsibility of the individual to resist. Not all crimes involving underage drinking are so cut and dried, even if there is a fatality involved. Consider the case of Jason Aaron, a former chapter president and Matthew Siracusa, a former pledge master of a University of Delaware fraternity, Sigma Alpha Mu in a liability case involving the death of an 18-year-old pledge in 2008.

A number of factors came into play in to the alcohol death of this young man who had a BAC level several times that for a drunken driving charge. Fortunately he never got behind the wheel and harmed someone else, but for whatever reason he drank himself to death. Let’s be honest, in a university setting underage drinking is going to happen, no matter what laws are passed to try to prevent it. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s the fraternity’s fault. Their non-participation in the hazing and the victim’s responsibility for his own behavior are ultimately what got the two acquitted. No doubt, the two former fraternity members had good legal representation.

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