Teacher’s Aide Arrested in School Crash

A teacher’s aide in Berks County has been arrested after she allegedly damaged an elementary school lawn while driving under the influence of alcohol.

Authorities identified the teacher’s aide as Patricia Castellito, 48, of Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Castellito is employed as a teacher’s aide at the Perry Elementary Center in Perry Township and at the Tilden Elementary Center, located in Tilden Township.

According to investigators, Castellito was attempting to park her 2014 Kia Sorrento in a parking stall at Perry Elementary when she pulled her vehicle out of the parking lot stall and struck a backhoe. She then put her car in reverse and struck the piece of construction equipment again. Castellito then attempted to drive off the lot at a high speed. Unable to make a left turn in the parking lot, she struck a curb and drove into a dirt area on the property located across from the parking lot entrance. She then struck a second curb on the opposite side of the entrance to the lot.

Castellito then drove her vehicle over a patch of newly planted grass on the school property before turning right and on to 40th Street. Castellito turned left onto Pine Street and stopped her vehicle. She then put her car in reverse, drove over a third curb into the front lawn of a residence. She then proceeded across the lawn back on to Pine Street and turned left onto 5th Street where she struck a parked vehicle.

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