Quiet Town Experiencing Rowdy Problems

The quiet and picturesque town of Narberth is not known as a party town. It is best known for its pleasant downtown and 4th of July fireworks as well as its friendly, family neighborhoods. Recently however, it seems that some members of the town’s law enforcement and governing body are looking to cut loose.

Officer Michael T. Gannon, who has recently been reinstated to the tiny Narberth Police Department, was dismissed for getting overly drunk at a retirement party for one of his coworkers, exposing himself to the patrons of the bar at which they were drinking at and making inappropriate comments to a female officer. This being just the latest in a string of disciplinary actions taken against him, stretching all the way back to 1997. More recently, Borough Manager William J. Martin, age sixty five, was charged with DUI. Another local Official stated that he hoped that “Mr. Martin would hold himself to the same standards that the borough holds its officers to” and resign from his office.

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