Popular Football Coach Facing DUI Charges

One of the important things to understand about a DUI charge is that it can happen to anyone. Popular conception sees people charged with DUI as irresponsible members of society. But unless you’re a teetotaler, anyone could end up with one.

A well-respected football coach is getting a taste of this. For 20 years he has served his local community training young men in the art of football. Now he has stepped down from his position after getting involved in a drunk driving accident. According to police, he hit another car while driving and left the scene, then was found with an open bottle of beer in the car. He apologized to officers and said he “messed up.”

Many people in the community are refusing to pass judgment on him until all the facts are revealed, and are vouching for his good character. Whether or not this will have a role in the trial remains to be seen.

Circumstances like a lack of a previous criminal history and evidence of service to the community should be taken into account in cases like this. DUI conviction can do so much damage to a person’s life that the consequences can do far more damage than the actual act. That’s why it’s important to have strong legal representation when facing DUI. Kellis Law is ready to defend you if you’ve been arrested for DUI in the state of Pennsylvania. Call today for a consultation.