Police Officer Arrested for DUI

dui arrestA Pittsburgh police office has been assigned to desk duty after being arrested for a DUI.  The officer was arrested after he struck a car on South Main St. He was attempting to get on the on-ramp and collided with the other driver’s fender. He immediately stopped his car and gave assistance to the other driver, who was taken to the hospital with a concussion. When the other officers arrived on scene, they noted that he had bloodshot eyes and his breath smelled badly of alcohol. The office in question refused to take the field sobriety tests, but was taken to the police station in handcuffs to do a Breathalyzer. The Breathalyzer test showed that he had a blood alcohol level of over 0.19, which exceeds the Pennsylvania limit of 0.08.

The police officer was honored in 2013 for helping to find a woman who had stolen a baby from a hospital and is a first-time offender. His lawyer is hopeful that he will be given Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, which is a program for first time offenders. This would allow him to continue working for the police department.

People who have been pulled over for the suspicion of drunk driving can refuse to take a Breathalyzer test. This can be vital to successfully defending against a ticket. If you find yourself in this situation, call a lawyer as soon as possible, so that you can know your rights. The legal team at Kellis Law can help you with a free consultation.