Police Lay Down Warnings for Puerto Rican Day

Holidays are an excellent excuse to party, but the Philadelphia Police Department has issued a stern warning about the upcoming Puerto Rican Day festivities. According to the police, the day has a history of bad behavior.

Notably, they are looking for people who are speeding around on ATVs and dirt bikes. Last year they confiscated over 100 of these from people who were going through the area. They are also looking for people who are hanging out of cars, screeching tires, and celebrating in unauthorized areas.

The police did take special care to mention two after-parade celebration areas at Fairhill Park and Lighthouse Field. Both of these locations are alcohol-free zones.

Whenever there is a major celebration, the police take the opportunity to step up patrols. While it is true that more people drink alcohol around holiday times, the increased scrutiny can cause police to overreact and make an error in their assessments. Just getting charged with DUI brings a world of trouble, let alone conviction. That’s why you have to hire a DUI lawyer to help you fight the charges.

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