Police Issue Warnings about Upcoming Festival

Police are issuing warnings to those who may have plans to crash Philadelphia’s Puerto Rican Day parade and festival and let celebrations get out of hand.

According to Deputy Commissioner Kevin Bethel, who commands the patrol division that two, alcohol-free, after-parade celebration areas which are being set up at Fairhill Park at 4th and Lehigh Streets and Lighthouse Field at Front and Erie Streets . Bethel indicated that those showing up at these locations with an ATV or a dirt bike will face having those vehicles confiscated.

Bethel also warned that other behaviors such as hanging out of moving cars, spinning and screeching tires, and occupying intersections in unauthorized celebrations will also be addressed firmly by law enforcement officers all over the city.

Cultural celebrations are a wonderful way to focus on the diverse communities that we have within the city and help foster understanding between people. But even with the best intentions in mind, sometimes people will have a momentary lapse of judgment.

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