Police Find Child in Alleged DUI Driver’s Car

A man is currently facing charges of driving under the influence and child endangerment after taking officers on a high speed chase Sunday night.

Ayende Crawford, 23, faces multiple charges after officers attempted to stop in in the 500-block of 17th Street in Beaver Falls after noting the illegally dark tinted windows on his blue Audi.

Police officers report that the vehicle failed to stop and took off. Officers report that they did pursuit with lights and sirens, while Crawford blew through stop signs and went down one way streets driving the wrong direction. When police were able to finally get Crawford to pull his vehicle over, they found Crawford’s two- year-old daughter in the car.

The toddler was in her car seat but was not properly buckled in. The child also had become ill because of the excessive speed and bouncing around in the vehicle as her father attempted to elude police.

Police allegedly also found marijuana and crack cocaine in Crawford’s possession.

When someone drinks or is under the influence of drugs, whether legal or illegal, it is considered a crime. When facing a charge for DUI, being found guilty can have serious consequences. It can cost you dearly in terms of not only insurance costs, heavy fines and jail time. A DUI conviction can also cost your job and can close other opportunities to you for future employment. It is important to choose an attorney to defend you who knows the law inside and out and can help defend you against this charge.

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