Philadelphia Drunk Driver Hits Parked Cars

Getting drunk and then sliding behind the wheel of a car is never recommended.  When drinking and driving happen, the possibility of property damage, personal injury, and death come into play.  None of these are something that one wants to wake up to on a Sunday morning.

Port Richmond was quiet for most of that Saturday.  It was nearing midnight at Venango and Edgemont Streets.  That’s when the drunk driver took to the streets.  Apparently, according to authorities, the driver lost control of their vehicle.  That loss of control left several wrecked parked cars in its wake.

Was it intentional?  The police have not yet commented on the potential charges which might be filed.  Since there were so many hit, the allegedly drunk driver might have thought it was a game.  “They smacked into every car coming down the block onto the next and almost hit one or two more,” said the neighbor.

The driver of the vehicle has been caught and is in police custody.  And, while the case appears to be cut and dried from the news reports that you read about the driver, there may be mitigating circumstances in the case – the media might not be divulging the whole story.

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