Philadelphia Drivers Not The Worst, New Study Says

It seems no matter where you live, there’s always the idea that drivers in other states aren’t quite up to our own standards.  When we see someone driving erratically or too slow, we take a glance at their license plate and chalk it up to “those drivers” being from somewhere else.

Drivers in New Jersey and Delaware can breathe easy now that SmartAsset, a personal finance and tech company, has determined they aren’t the worst – although they did rank within the top five worst.

SmartAsset’s report, which used a number of factors in order to determine the rankings, said that New Jersey received the #4 spot because of the number of deaths per year per number of drivers on the road. New Jersey drivers are almost all insured – 90% in fact.

Delaware drivers made it to the #5 spot because they had the most number of deaths per driver out of all of the entire country. Most of those deaths involved drivers who were under the influence, even though Delaware seems to have the lowest DUI rate in the country.

Oklahoma drivers were ranked at #3 and Mississippi drivers at #2. However, the top honor for the country’s worst drivers goes to the state of Florida.

Philadelphia may have a few bad drivers, but the Keystone State actually did fairly well and wasn’t even listed among the top 25.

No matter where you live, operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a crime. A DUI conviction can put a real damper on your career and can make things difficult for you and your family if you’re left without a job.  A DUI conviction can mean high fines and possible jail time.  

If you or a loved one is facing the charge of DUI, you need an attorney who will diligently work on your side.  

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