NJ Town Steps Up DUI Enforcement

eveshamWhen a town cracks down on pulling people over that they assume to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they are bound to arrest more intoxicated drivers. However, they also increase the chances of arresting drivers who are not under the influence. A experienced lawyer is a necessity whenever you’re in the courtroom. Anyone that is accused of a DUI has the right to legal counsel.

A township in New Jersey has substantially increased their drunk driving enforcement. They have most of their officers working overtime to keep an eye out for anyone that the believe to be intoxicated. The police state that they have arrested over 730 people in the past four years. Although the high amount of arrests does have its cost. The New Jersey township is paying approximately five to seven thousand dollars for every enforcement detail.

The main push for the police to work overtime to find every possible drunk driver is the family of a young man who was hit by a drunk driver and tragically lost his life. That accident happened almost five years ago.

Everyone has the right to an attorney. If you or a loved has been pulled over and accused of a DUI, contact the Law Office of Steven E. Kellis for your free consultation.