New Program Pairs Designated Driving Vets with Drinkers

download (1)Designated drivers are one of the best ways to help people who have been drinking get home safely and without getting in trouble with the law. Services exist to help people find a designated driver or call a taxi if they’ve drank too much. A new designated driving service in Philadelphia and New Jersey, 2 Drunk Drivers, is also helping veterans find jobs.

The founder of the company, a six-year Iraq veteran himself, says that people feel safer knowing that their designated driver is a former soldier. To hail a driver, the person reaches out to the company via social media on their smartphone. The drivers wear bright pink polo shirts as uniforms to help intoxicated people know who their ride is.

The founder believes that military training to deal with different vehicles and situations, and the ideal of not leaving anyone behind, is perfect for designated drivers. The cost of the service is $30 to start and $2.50 a mile.

“I just love being out there helping and knowing I’m making a difference. These DUI’s and these accidents are a pretty serious thing”, said the founder.

Having a designated driver is always a smart idea if you’re going to go out drinking. The costs of DUI, even if you don’t get convicted, can be higher than you think. However, if you do get arrested for DUI then you’ll need the help of an experienced DUI defense lawyer. If you’ve been arrested for DUI in the state of Pennsylvania, call Steven Kellis for a free consultation.