Narcotics Found at Rowan University

Credit: St. AlbertFour people have been arrested in connection to $32,000 worth of narcotics and nearly $29,000 in cash found in a Rowan University dormitory. In an investigation by the Glassboro Police Department, LSD, MDMA (commonly known as “Molly”) and marijuana were found in the dorm. Also found by investigators were manufacturing and packaging supplies and a large amount of cash. The drugs and cash were sized while officials were executing a search warrant at the Edgewood Apartments on Rowan’s campus.

Police seized a safe that contained about 100 doses of LSD, which has a street value of about $2,000; about three-quarters of a pound of MDMA, with a street value of about $30,000; marijuana; manufacturing and packaging tools; and $28,924 in cash.

The owner of the safe has been charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession with intent to distribute LSD, possession with intent to distribute MDMA, distribution of drugs in a school zone and possession of drug paraphernalia. Three others were also arrested in connection with the case. All four of the teens are enrolled at the school.

A narcotics charge in the state of Pennsylvania can be serous and can change the lives of offenders for the rest of their lives, even if it is their first offense. Both the Constitution of the United States and for the state of Pennsylvania requires that all searches and seizures be “reasonable”. Any evidence that is obtained by law enforcement which does not meet this criteria of being reasonable can be suppressed and not be admitted in court.

Chances are that some these young people are first time offenders. In the state of Pennsylvania, there is a strong possibility that Diversion Programs, which are treatment or education programs or both that that could be available to them.

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