Multiple DUIs Spell Trouble

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If you already have a DUI conviction on your record, it is vital that you avoid getting any more. It is much harder to defend someone who already has a DUI conviction. The more they have,

the more difficult it gets. Unfortunately, some people don’t follow this advice and end up handing the court system an open and shut case.

A man driving a jitney was carrying two women and three children when he was pulled over for driving with no lights on and driving the wrong way down a street. According to the police he ref

When he did stop and police interviewed the people in the jitney, they told him they pleaded for the man to stop driving, but he refused. Police also discovered beer cans in the car and empty cans in the cooler. After running the man’s license, they discovered he was driving on a suspended license for another DUI.used to pull over at first.


With such a constellation of evidence against this man, it will be very difficult to come up with a good reason why the man wasn’t intoxicated at the time. Nevertheless, anyone who faces the court has the right to an attorney. Ideally, they should get one experienced in the type of charge they are facing. Stephen Kellis has decades of experience fighting and prosecuting DUI cases. Before you face the judge, present your case to our office in a free consultation. We can help.