Motorcyclist Killed in Alleged DUI Crash with Truck

download (20)Driving a motorcycle adds a level of difficulty to being on the road.  One must compensate for the other drivers, be aware of potholes and other bumps in the road, and keep a vigilant watch else something can go wrong.  One slip of attention and tragedy can happen.

A 23 year old was driving in Somerset on his motorcycle when a truck pulled into his path.  The motorcyclist hit the truck, tumbling enough to end up dead at the scene, while the pickup truck driver was taken into custody.

It is alleged that the pickup driver was intoxicated, however there is no proof of that shown in the online court records.  It is expected that the police will charge him with drunken driving and other crimes when the blood tests are registered.

A whole host of things can go wrong in blood analysis.  The samples can become lost or contaminated, or the sampling method might not have been up to standard.  The tester might not have been certified to conduct blood tests.

There are a number of ramifications and extenuating circumstances in all DUI cases.  While the media reports just one or two things, our attorneys are trained to find all the facts which will help you in the situation.