More than 2,500 Arrested for DUI in Delaware This Year

download (27)According to officials, there have been more than 2,500 people who have been charged for driving  under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the state of Delaware so far this year.

In a report by the New Journal, across the state, there were 102 arrests last week of those who were charged with DUI involving alcohol or drugs. One person, according to the Office of Highway Safety, has been charged with a fifth DUI, which raises the charge to a felony.

The highly visible law enforcement group, Checkpoint Strikeforce, regularly conducts saturation patrols that are focused on taking impaired drivers off the road. Officials indicate that next week, these patrols will take place mainly in Newark.

A DUI charge on your record can ruin a reputation. Having multiple charges can close many doors in life. It can cost you your job and your livelihood. That is why having a good defense lawyer on your side is vital.

A DUI defense lawyer will do everything possible in order to either reduce or eliminate the charges that have been filed against their client. Mistakes can be made by law enforcement and a successful DUI defense attorney will know the facts on these test anomalies.

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