Michael Phelps Charged with DUI

Even being charged with a DUI can have very negative consequences if you’re a public figure. Just last night, Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimmer, was arrested for another DUI in the state of Maryland. He has since apologized for his actions on Twitter.

This isn’t the first DUI he has had. In 2004 he was charged with one after failing to stop at a stop sign. He was underage at the time, and has long served his probation period. However, this is bound to have repercussions despite his retirement from competitive swimming. He was starting to participate in a few competitions again before this occurred.

The incident happened late at night after an officer followed him speeding through the Fort McHenry Tunnel on I-85. He was going 84 mph in a 45, and crossed the double lines according to the officer’s report. He was cooperative at the stop, but failed field sobriety tests.

Phelps is known for having won the most medals in Olympic history with 22 medals, 18 of them gold.

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