Men Accused of Stealing Police Boat while Intoxicated

downloadThree men have been accused of attempting to steal a boat that belonged to the Pittsburgh Police Department from the parking lot of police headquarters while intoxicated. According to their attorney, it’s all just a misunderstanding.

According to authorities, Devin Gloeckl, 23, Lowell Gloecki, 53, and Luke Miller, 25, are all currently facing charges of theft for the incident that happened last weekend. Reports indicate that the men were found shirtless and drunk in the parking lot of Police headquarters located on Western Avenue.

It appeared as if the men had been attempting to put the boat and trailer onto the back of their own pickup truck because the tow hitch of the flood rescue unit had been removed.

Their attorney denies that they were actually trying to steal the boat. Rather they had just been at the U.S. National Women’s Soccer Team game and were in a celebratory mood and their behavior led others to think they were doing what they weren’t doing.

The men four men have been scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Thursday; however, the hearing has been postponed until sometime in September.

Since the incident, the Pittsburgh Police Department has moved the boat and trailer to a secure location and out of the public’s view.

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