Man Struck at Pioneer Avenue and Brookline Boulevard

download (21)Our hearts and thoughts go out to the man who was hit by a vehicle at the intersection of Pioneer Avenue and Brookline Boulevard.  He was struck early in the morning by a car, and the injuries have put him in critical condition at UPMC Mercy Hospital.  We sincerely hope that he makes a speedy recovery from his injuries.

There are many reasons for vehicle crashes.  Sure, intoxication is one, but there are several others which are also factors.  As we do not know all of the facts in this case, we can merely speculate as to the causes of this particular accident.

Here are some other reasons for auto accidents:

Mobile phone usage – Texting and driving has become a serious issue.  While women are more guilty of this than men, there are still a large number of individuals who text and drive.

Tiredness – In nearly 3$ of all accidents resulting in fatalities in the US, the person was half falling asleep at the wheel.  If the person in this particular story were just getting off of work, tiredness might have been a factor.

Distracted Driving – He might not have noticed the person who was in the intersection.  He could have not expected this individual and was paying attention to the radio or some other part of the car.

These are only three reasons why the person might have been in the accident.  Defective vehicle parts are probably not at issue, as the driver apparently kept going and then returned to the scene where the pedestrian was hit.

Police claim to be suspecting alcohol’s involvement and are running tests on the driver.  There might have been other circumstances which caused the accident, but it’s difficult to know.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, give us a call and tell us the facts.  If we take your case, we will work hard to get justice for you and your family.