Man Injured By Suspected DUI Driver While Crossing the Street

When the police arrest an individual for committing a crime, DUI testing can be a part of it. The prosecution is always looking to build the strongest case that it can before going to arraignment. This is the part of court proceedings where formal charges are presented to the court and the defendant is asked how they plead.

It is crucial to try and get a lawyer before the case gets this far. There are ways that a defense lawyer can challenge charges even at this early stage. Even if a bad situation has happened, like today’s story, it doesn’t necessarily mean DUI.

A man was critically injured in Pittsburgh on early Saturday morning as he was crossing the street. It happened at the intersection of Brookline Boulevard and Pioneer Avenue. The driver that hit the man initially fled the scene, but then returned. Police questioned the driver and told reporters that they plan on running DUI tests to see if he was intoxicated at the time.

While it may be prudent to run DUI tests after such an incident, normally the police need cause to perform those tests. Unfortunately, the news doesn’t always put in why a suspect is accused of DUI. A good defense lawyer, like Stephen Kellis, can. If you’ve been accused of DUI, call our offices for a free consultation.