Man in an Elf on the Shelf Costume Arrested for DUI

download (56)The Elf on a Shelf figure has rapidly rose in popularity over the past few years, but one elf may have made a little pit stop on his way to report back to Santa. Police in Riverdale, NJ have reported finding a man dressed in an Elf on the Shelf costume passed out in his car.

Unfortunately for the man, it didn’t seem like he was trying to sleep it off. The car was running at the time with music blaring and the lights on. The report says that he was confused upon waking up and that he had an open can of beer in the car. He was issued a summons and released to a family member.

It is common for people to drink more often during the holiday season, and it can lead to embarrassing situations. However, getting caught for DUI in any situation can lead to a loss of social reputation and even the loss of a job. That’s on top of the normal fines, possible jail time, license suspension, and potential DUI schooling. No one wants these for Christmas.

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