Man Crashes into 5 Parked Cars

Car Falling Off a CliffDriving under the influence is never a good idea, but the fact of the matter is that many people accused of DUI got into the car and had no idea they were over the legal limit. Others simply did the wrong thing, as many people do. But should that indiscretion be something that defines them for the rest of their lives?

A man was taken to the hospital by helicopter after he drove into five other vehicles then flipped his car according to police.

It is believed that the man was driving under the influence at around 3:30 in the morning in North Franklin, Washington County, when the accident occurred.

The 59-year-old driver was pinned in his car after it was all over. He was flown to a hospital in Pittsburgh after crashing into a number of parked cars, according to police.

A police sergeant stated the driver was trapped so firmly that firefighters had to cut him out. He was so injured that all he could do was cry out in agony as he was extracted from the car.

A witness awoke at the sound of the crash, which sounded like thunder to him. Instead, the sound was his van being hit by the driver’s car. The van was hit so hard that it rolled into another yard and almost hit the house.

Police suspect the driver had been drinking before the crash occurred. No one else was injured in the accident.

It could take as long as 30 days for there to be results from the blood test. If the driver should indeed turn out to have been intoxicated, he will be charged with DUI and DUI-related offenses.

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