Man Convicted on 14 Charges in DUI Crash

download (28)When looking at a traffic incident, especially one which involves a fatality, the court and authorities look at everything which happened during the course of the incident.  So, if there is someone who’s speeding as a result of driving while intoxicated, the person will be charged with both speeding and driving while intoxicated.  Two separate charges.  One incident might accrue several charges, all stemming from the DUI.

This happens on a frequent basis, where there are multiple charges involved with the first one.  Recently, a man killed a retired businessman with his vehicle.  There was the charge of alleged DUI and speeding.  There were others involved in the crash, and there were charges set out for those people as well.  The man who instigated the crash was convicted on fourteen separate charges.   These included, among other things, involuntary manslaughter and homicide by vehicle.

In the man’s defense, the lawyer attempted to claim that there was a third vehicle involved and that the speeds of the surrounding cars was a factor. While it might have been a factor, it might not have, but the jury itself chose to convict the man on all of the counts.

The real note here is that once the case goes to a jury trial, there’s nothing that you or a lawyer can do.  They are the ones to decide your fate.   If, however, there’s a competent DUI lawyer like Stephen Kellis on your side, there’s the possibility that the charges can be lessened.

You want someone on your side who will do everything within their power to help you.  If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Pennsylvania, give us a call.