Man Convicted of 8 Prior DUI’s Pleads Guilty in Deadly Motorcycle Crash

Uriah WelcomeNo matter who you are or what you’ve done, one fact remains always true: You have the right to a fair trial. This is a near impossibility in a DUI case, unless the very best legal representation is acquired. There is a special stigma when it comes to drunken driving and it takes knowledge of the law and the willingness to aggressively pursue the rights of the defendant to cut through that stigma and make sure the scales of justice are properly balanced.

A man in Chester County has pleaded guilty in the death of a motorcyclist. He had been previously arrested eight times on DUI offenses.

The final charge was homicide by vehicle for driving under the influence when he hit and killed the motorcyclist in Westtown Township.

The family of the victim was promoting new legislation to increase the penalty for repeat DUI offenders when they end up killing someone while driving under the influence. The mother of the victim was especially supportive of stronger measures, advising people to do whatever they had to do to make sure people who are drunk do not get behind the wheel. It’s her goal to see that letting those drive after drinking is completely socially unacceptable.

The convicted man will be sentenced in May.

The motorcyclist who was killed in the accident was 24 years old and a volunteer firefighter.

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