Man Charged with 12th DUI

penn 3-20Everyone deserves a fair trial. This right is built into local, state and federal branches of the United States government. Sometimes, however, a case can be tried in the “court of public opinion.” The media plays a key role in this. Also, a person with a pattern of convictions can make things very difficult on themselves.

This is what a Delaware man is currently facing after being charged with his 12th DUI after he fled the scene of an accident he was involved in.

According to authorities, police responded to a report of an accident on Nine Foot Road in Dagsboro, DE. at approximately, 7 :25 p.m., on a Friday evening. Eyewitnesses to the incident reported a man having left the scene of the accident.

When police arrived at the scene, officers found a 1998 Ford Mustang that had driven off of the road. Investigating the scene, the driver, James Fisher, 55, was found hiding in the underbrush near the vehicle.

Officers took Fisher into custody after determining that he was under the influence of alcohol.  Upon doing a background check, police officials found Fisher’s criminal record and discovered that Fisher had 11 prior DUI convictions, as well as a suspended license, and that he had been driving a vehicle that had not been registered.

The police department report that while Fisher was in custody, he was uncooperative and refused to be photographed and fingerprinted.

Fisher has been charged with several offenses including felony DUI, driving on a suspended license, failure to comply with police photographs and fingerprinting, and numerous traffic charges.

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